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Mini Courses

Our courses are available as extra paid add on programs. These are mini programs but do require a full membership to access.

Member Group Support

Our member group support on Facebook is a great way to get extra bonus challenges, information and new hints/hacks for the body & nutrition.

Video Education

All of our classes, courses and educational areas are all delivered through bite sized videos. Classes are follow along and overview.

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You'll torch up to 500 calories in a 30 minute class. And you'll work hard enough to keep burning extra calories for up to a whole day after your workout.


Workouts involve high repetitions of relatively low weights (bar and weight plates or dumbbells), which reduces the chance of injury but still allows you to access the many benefits of resistance training.

Box It Fit

Boxing is a great way to torch calories, in this style workout you will punch, kick and move your way to a better you. While learning to chain moves together for a better you


Learn flows but also learn yoga in a non traditional way as well. Our classes are short but will help you gain total body strength. Gain flexibility and push yourself that little further.


Dust off those bands and jump into our lean muscle building classes, gaining strength and learning new ways to workout. 

Kettle Fit HiiT

Learn how to use kettlebells, build an amazing core. Accelerate muscle and functional movement. Have a blast and enjoy the journey.

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Try all of our martial arts white belt courses before you become a full member. Click below to get access to our FREE Trial Course.


GroupEx: Taekwondo

Learn White Belt - Black Belt 100% Online. With many years of training being  poured into one well rounded course.

GroupEx: Bojutsu

Learn the Bo from traditional to basic tricking. Striking, Blocks, Sparring Drills, Combos, Throws and Spins.

GroupEx: Nunchaku

Nunchaku training from traditional to basic tricking. Learn movement and striking with a complex weapon. Striking, Blocks, Drills, Combos.

GroupEx: Kama

Learn the Kama a great weapon with a great history. We will show you tradition and tricking along with how to mix it into your taekwondo or karate practice.

GroupEx: Sai

The Sai 

GroupEx: Tonfa

The Tonfa